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65 participants from 14 countries

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Dear participants of the International Trainer Seminar 2011, dear WAPP members, dear friends of Positive Psychotherapy, Now we are looking back to a successful and inspiring ITS meeting that was held from 7-11 September 2011 here in Germany in the near of Frankfurt. 65 participants from 14 countries (including Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Germany, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine) have been there. 

On Wednesday evening we had a welcome session with a review on the life and work of our dearest Nossrat Peseschkian, held by his wife Manije. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we had over 50 contributions of the participants in three groups, so that nearly everybody took the chance to show his or her trainer capabilities. On Friday afternoon we had a social program where we visited an old village and castle, went to a middle-age-festival and had a joint dinner in a traditional German apple-wine-restaurant. Saturday evening was the last evening with barbecue and dancing, on Sunday everybody went home, full with new ideas and experiences (see group photo attached).

 Regarding the concept this years’ ITS was a renewal! The change of words from International Training to Trainer Seminar shows the direction in which the development of the yearly ITS meetings should go: The ITS is developing to a working meeting of Trainers and Trainers-to-be where they can exchange their experiences, achievements and challenges in practical training situations. In a warm and comfortable working atmosphere they can meet trainers for Positive Psychotherapy from all over the world, they can deepen their transcultural relationship and can learn from each other through moderated seminars.

Not the scientific lecture is in the center of this meeting but the didactical and methodological issues of being a trainer for Positive Psychotherapy. The International Trainer Seminars (ITS) will also in future tendentially be held in Germany near Frankfurt Airport because of the good accessibility.


For sure also the World Congress for Positive Psychotherapy will take place every three years in one of the countries all over the world where Positive Psychotherapy is resident (next will be in 2013). The World Congress is the place for scientific lectures, new ideas and the development of Positive Psychotherapy as a whole. There also new people can come and learn about PP, old contacts can be renewed and everybody can show his or her scientific capabilities. At the congress the communication and meeting character is in the focus of the meeting, there is always a host of the country who cares for the organization and also for the social program. 

So, you see that the Positive Psychotherapy, represented by the World Association for Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP), is in motion! The establishment of an official Headoffice in Wiesbaden last year was the beginning of a new and professional level of organization, the yearly Board Meetings (in January and September) contribute to this, the definition of rules for the certificate process is another very important step in this development.

We are very happy to inform you about these things today, but for sure a world association is living through its members! We need you with your commitment, your ideas, your active work for the distribution of Positive Psychotherapy in your country and all over the world. 

We wish to see you at one of the next meetings, ITS 2012 from 23-25 August 2012, World Congress summer/autumn 2013 or at one of the regional events, for example the Kosovo Regional Conference from 7-10 June 2012 or at the Romanian Summer School from 18-23 June 2012. More information on our Website www.positum.org.

 Warm regards

 Hamid Peseschkian (President, on behalf of the Board)

Daniela Archontas-Fadl (Headoffice Wiesbaden)



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